Phineus Picture

This is my first drawing delving into ancient greek mythology. As you can clearly see, the crowned man on the right is King Phineus, son of Phoinix, who in turn is of course the son of Agenor. The scene depicted happens just a couple of days before the Argo arrives, the already blinded king (by the gods - as you probably know - because of his misuse of telling prophecies) being tortured by harpies. Or rather his food.
I tried to show the blindness by leaving the king's left eye uncolored, giving it a hollow appearance. His desperation is expressed solely in his thoughts, meaning "Damn!" in english. The uglyness of the misfigured harpies is readily seen by strands of thick, glossy hair hanging down their unhuman heads. Note the much more neatly trimmed king's hair!
On the top of the picture I tried to fit it all into our existing universe by portraying the world serpent, Ninghzihidda in acient akkadian.
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