Self Portrait WIP Picture

Alright, well, for my big-end-of-the-YEAR project in art, we had to do an expressive self-portrait. She took our pictures and we had to reference it to get our features right. After that, we are given free range to do whatever we want, so long as we're still recognizable! So, naturally, I made one half of my face a fox. (difficult to see because it's in pencil.) That whole side of the canvas is supposed to symbolize creative and artistic expression -- vibrant colors, mythological creatures, etc (ignore my shitty block-in job, I just wanted to get my base color down so I could start building.)

While the other side was supposed to signify the boring side of art -- copying references, grid work, etc. So I did that in black & white. I decided to reverse the coloring of the two eyes (rainbow on the boring side, and b&w on the creative side) to help tie together the image.

It's done on a canvas [21X20 I think? Might be 20X18 or 21X21.] I have never worked on canvas before, but I figured this was going to be a special piece for me. I'm using acrylic, both liquid and the more thicker/solid acrylic.

Critique welcome! I didn't use a reference for the hand, or any of the mythological creatures [Harpy, [Centaur], Mermaid, Dragon, and Camira,] or for the fox-half side of my face. Here's a close up of the face/hand: [link]
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