SoulEater:The Bird-Lady, Harpy Picture

Well, here she is. The witch responsable for Gneiss condition. Gneiss has a little *HUGE* vendetta against her and the Kishin Egg she's been empowering. This is the witch I plan to have Gneiss fight for his 100th soul on Shibusen, when he gets to that point.

I'm not in the mood to go into detail, it's 1AM and I did the drawing and colour in like...30 minutes, maybe 40...So, I'm going offline. Anyway, just hope you few people who see my stuff like it.

For some basic information, Harpy is the name of the witch, and thus her animal theme. She uses birds, and has a permanent set of cute-style wings on her back despite her cruel attitude.

Don't ask why it's in blue.
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