Harpy Avian Picture

This took me a while - Coloring in photoshop can be a real problem...if you happen to be mildly colorblind.
In either case, it looks alright to me, the biggest work was of course, shading the feathers. I wanted to do as much as i could simply, and not shove in too many effects that i wouldnt know how to use anyway.
This is Harpy, a metahuman trimutant who can transform into her namesake, a harpy from classical greek mythology. Her cloak, made of feathers is something that she is never seperated from for long: it was there when she was born, and will likely be there when she dies. When grievously injured, she will transform, then when defeated again, transform back, weak, tired, and vulnerable.
I wanted her to look naive, yet aware, leery of other people around her, and though it isnt how it appeared in my mind, it never is. As for the colors itself, comments are appreciated, i wanted colors in forest bird foliage, not anything tropical, just some greys and browns. Something mildly camoflaging in the treetops. Still, the feathers have a little flair - she is a young lady, after all. I think the legs, something that I often have problems with -mostly the width of the calves and feet placement - worked out alright, though constructive criticism is appreciated. Photoshop is something that can make or break it for me, sometimes it just looks better off the sketchbook, rather than putting all those hours into doing linework and adding shadows.
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