Disney Fallen Princess: Lilith Picture

Thought I'd try my hand at some Disney-style. Man those heads are huge and those waists tiny.

Lilith was known as the first wife of Adam, the infamous first attempt at a woman. She was made from the same mud as Adam by the Christian God, but when Adam insisted she be subservient to him, she refused and insisted on being his equal. When she could no longer stand being second-rate, she uttered the restricted name of God and ascended into the sky. When God sent angels to fetch her, she further refused, and thus God, nice guy that he is, cursed her with the death of a hundred of her children every day. Then he turned and made Eve from the rib of Adam, thus ensuring that she would submit to her male partner because he owned her. Disgusted by Eve's acceptance of Adam as her ruler, Lilith was the one to curse her with the pain of childbirth.
Other stories say she hitched up with Satan, that she was a harpy, that she stole children for herself because her own were doomed to die every day.

She is probably the very first example of feminine strength. She wasn't a femenIST: she didn't want to be better than anyone. All she wanted was to be equal.

It's Lilith: she wears what she wants.

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