XL. Rated Picture

I was bored and watched Fantasia for the first time in years. Man, that is an underrated movie. I love it. Just genius. I'd pick which part was my favorite... but all the songs were awesome. The dinosaurs... Rex's rampage scared me more as a kid than when he actually killed the poor steggie. I love the way they drew the dinos, very lumpy. Such tiny heads! Hee hee.

You know, for a Disney movie, Fantasia was actually pretty contraversial. I don't know if there was a big hubbub when it came out, but there might well have been. First, keep in mind that it's rated G. HA. Then again, Hunchback of Notre Dame was G, and Frollo was a freaking rapist. Anyway. First of all HOMYGOD IT SUPPORTS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION O NOES! Did any religious panties get tied into knots over that? Hope so. 'Cause it's funny. Naked centaurs and cherub babies, cute cute. I love that mythological bit. And mushies! The mushroom dance! xD The Hours - so weird but so awesome. Hee hee. Hippos. So random. Oh! The ending! NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN. For years, I always thought the movie ended with the Hours - my parents always stopped it before the kickass demon summoning the spirits of the dead and gargoyles from Hell and tormenting them mercilessly. I wonder why. Brilliant piece, you have to give them that. So cool. BUT I was very shocked with the Harpies - when the demons are dancing and having a gool ol' party. They had some bare-breasted harpies, which wasn't surprising, as the centaur ladies didn't have shirt either (some had decorations, but some didn't. The guys all looked like lifeguards, form the waist up. I got so much of a kick watching it now - "OMG BOYS!" "OMG GIRLS!" Though I always wondered at the part when the centaur girl was swinging on a swing. Is that anatomically possible? Anyway.) So they're all winging in the air with some dead spirits, and then a few of them fly at the screen, and you can distinctly see some nipples. Just like red dots, but I was surprised. How'd they get away with that? Adult Swim can't even get cartoon boobs - no network can. And this was G! How'd that slip by? This was the VHS, maybe they edited out for the DVD, 'cause parents are uptight n' stuff. I like the old way of rating stuff. It was so lax.

What? Anyway.

This was drawn while, durr, watching the centaur scene, which was always cool.

Drunk donkey xP

This took hours.

Why Rated, you ask?

Because Fantasia is an underrated Disney flick!

Oh, come on, I had to thrown in at least one more bullshit theme.

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