Another Sketchbook Dump Picture

Alright, Since this is multiple pages and covers only a few things im going do to a general discription of each "page"

- The "First Page" was my try at Gijinkas for my particular Pokemon team in Pokemon White. I tried to make it more of a variable mix of both pokemon depending on what the pokemon was and the 'look' I was going for.

- The "Second Page" is more pokemon Gijinka, this time with the team 'interacting', that is shown in the bubble drawn around it.
- The rest of that page was designs for human hybrid designs. Mostly My Take on Harpies, Centaurs, and Fawns, along with possible speech puns they would make.

- Third "Page" Is just about all Harpy designs, Two in particular was A magpie-ish mafia looking fellow, and a Falcon-esqe Jungle boy, both of them interacting with another character (I swear I need to stop making so many)

-The Last "Page" was nothing but Doodle bobs, Whales, Cat Puns/Play-on-words, A small no-text-joke involving ghosts, A whale Pun, Fanart of the Pipefox from XXXHolic, And Creature designs.
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