The Harpy Picture

This is the first piece I've ever created using chalk pastel. It was kinf of a hassle as the chalk was easy to smear and always got messed up with fingerprints and such. I had to be really careful and not press my hand onto the paper while I colored. Anyways, I think it came out pretty nicely. This was colored against black construction paper and I really love how the skin turned out; it's nice and shiny. I would love to experiment more with this on different colored paper.

Anyways, the harpy here was based on two birds, an existing one and a non-existent one. The existent bird is a Philippine Eagle. I tried to make the hair of the harpy, reminiscent of the Philippine Eagle's "mane". I also tried to give the harpy its sharp, black and yellow eyes. The non-existent bird is the Sarimanok, which is a rainbow colored bird of Philippine mythology. It is normally depicted with red, blue and green feathers as well as very fluid, swirly feathers on the top of its head.
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