Airon Kalliope Leos Picture

Airon Kalliope Leos(edit in description)
(goes by Arion or Kal he doesn’t care which)
Age: Over 100 (stopped aging at 15)
Sex: Male
Height: 5’3
Species: Harpy
Sexuality: Bi
-Social Person
-Stage Fright
-Protective of those close to him
-Loves Nature, animas included
-Musically inclined

-Being read to
-Composing Music
-Playing Instruments
-Playing with animals-other than cats


-Playing many instruments
-His songs can be Hypnotic
-Song Magic-his blue marking light up when he uses this magic

House: A

Literature and Language I
World History
Algebra I
Instrumental Music

-Bathing-only in shallow water
-Bugs & Bread crumbs
-Instruments- which are specially made for him
-Personal space
-Sour treats
-Some fish
- Forest (Mainly the outdoors)
-People reading to him
-Most people
-to drink water
-Pools-that could soak his feathers
-People who use other
-Dark places
-Reading without help- can’t turn the pages
- Sweets
-Shoes and shirts, deals with pants because he has to


His mother is a Harpy and his father is an Incubus; he is the only known male Harpy. Arion was born and raised in Greece with all his Harpy family members; he has a sister named Tansy whom he cherished greatly, and not in the incest way. He and tansy are full blooded sibling. When he was about three year old his dad visited his other again and this was when she had his sister. The truth is, it is surprising that he did not turn out gay since he was raised by so many females. Unlike most Harpy’s he does not enjoy tormenting people or being mean to them; he especially hates playing pranks on people. Many of his relatives look down on him for his behavior, and when everyone but his sister turned there back on him he ran away. His mother did not notice for she was too involved with the daughter, and too astounded by Airon’s gender, to care what he did. His sister Tansy had told him, it would be better if he were to leave. He had agreed to what she said, and left that night in the cover of night, at the age of seventeen. He named his dog in tribute to his sister that he loved, and would most likely not see again. He is as it seems a contradiction to his species, he has a kind personality although if he does not control his song he may seduce people into coming to him, in a sort of hypnotism, this talent is like many harpies whose songs seduce men, or in his case both gender’s, drawing them to the Harpies. He had wondered around Europe until he heard of a school called Akuma which would take in monsters and school them. So he flew to Transylvania and entered the school in order to have a home. Then came here.
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