Kylix The Sacred Thunder Picture

Name: Kylix
Gender: Male
Specie: Draktul
Elementa: Thunder
Weapon: Zeus's Wrath
Type: Satyragon
Age: 500 centuaries
Title: Sacred Thunder Draktul
Weakness: Unknown
Lives: The Acropolis
Likes: peaceful landscapes, mountains, be popular
Dislikes: destruction, battles, nonsenses

Kylix was anciently a greek god which represented the gluttony with the help of the satyrs and other creatures of the paradise in the ancient greece.
But after the rough changes Kylix couldn't adapted to the new years and the technology from the age named Modernity.

To Kylix, the technology was a dagger piercing his wound heart....all the satyrs abandoned him by his own luck and dignity. Zeus gave to him two with him in the eternal life, or be in the land where he lived from centuaries ago. The draktul decided live in the land.

The Family of the draktul were: His first father was a satyr, his second was an hydra, and his mother a harpy. that was he has a peculiar image...about the sword, before Zeus be gone forever the dragon begs to obtain somekind of gift from the father of gods...and he received a personal one made by Zeus...Kylix named the weapon as "Zeus's Wrath".
He is the grandfather of Forgoos.

Zeus's Wrath, Kylix, Forgoos belongs to me
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