Comic test-CRITIQUES PLEASE Picture


Okay... I know about most of the drawing flaws and stuff, I don't care about those so much. What I want critiques on are three things specifically:
--comic layout
In no particular order. For the inking one, I'm talking about lineweight and stuff like that. For the layout, I mean where the panels are positioned, where the dialog bubbles are, and the view (i.e, how much of the character you see/ what angle it's from, etc.) I know there's no dialog right now. I'm still working on it--this was just a scene that popped into my head; I really have no idea what's going on. XDD;; I really do love drawing Dr. Zip, though~ <3 (that's the dude with the top hat) The girl currently has no name, but she's a harpy--hence the partially-feathered, partially-draconic wings. This story is currently under construction. <|3 Until next time, bye-bye~

Characters (c) ME.
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