Inu and Uma Bio Picture

Names: Inu and Uma Mokoray(aka the Twins of Science)
Age: 5
height: 2'01", Uma is 2'02" including hair bun
Species: Were-beast(harpies)
Abilities: Superior intellect, can fly during the full moon
Likes: books, knowledge, big sister Saru, their parents, fairy tales and mythology
Dislikes: Ne, Damien, loud things, the cold
Weakness: Can't hold things in their "hands" during the full moon, are still children and are prone to emotional outbursts from time to time, silver
Inu(left) and Uma(right) are the youngest of the Mokary household and are twins. Despite their young age they are very much above average in their intelligence and indeed could end up skipping a few grades. Unlike their older siblings the twins have had almost no interaction with their father and even seem to be mildly indifferent to him, they are of course very attached to their mother and follow her almost anywhere if they aren't busy reading. They are unable to deal with not understanding something and are prone to throwing a fit if they don't get a clear answer. The most avid eaters of bread and fruit respectively.
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