Mythology Ixion Concept Picture

Ixion the first human sent to Tartarus. this is another sketch I did in Mythology class, but more of what Ixion would be like if he ever got out of Tartarus.

My Mythology Teacher (awesome guy btw) compared him to being the greek equivalent to Aladin. Ixion was punished for...trying to...bowchickawowow Hera, but instead got with a cloud by accident. As a result said cloud gave birth to Centaurs.

Well Ixion was punished by several ways...
First he was given an imortality potion that would make him live forever and always heal. Second he was strapped to a wheel that would spin and crush him, and by the time his injuries completely healed, the wheel starts to crush him again. Third to make matters worse the gods had it set on fire, so he was always getting crushed and burning alive. Then forth Harpies would attack him with cat-of-nine-tails whips.

So basically I came up with the idea of making Ixion look sorta like a thief or assassin with his entire body covered by cloth or something. Cause after all, just cause he always healed and lived DID NOT mean that he wouldn't have scars. The daggers I gave them a jagged look sorta in reference to Zeus and theives with those kinds of daggers.
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