Influence Meme Picture

Wow, I don't submit anything for years and I crawl out from under my rock only to hop onto a meme bandwagon. But what can I say? All the cool kids were doing it.

Although it is not on the meme, honorable mention should be given to Sailor Moon (yes, you read that correctly) as it was a two fold influence in my life once upon a time. It was the first anime I ever watched waaaaay back when I was a delicate flower at the age of twelve. It was also the first manga I ever read, although it years later. Naoko Takeuchi's artwork so influenced me that I totally changed my drawing style. Those early pictures looked a lot like cheap Sailor Moon knockoffs, but I eventually grew and developed my own style.

Sooo anyway, on to the influences that are actually pictured.

Last Unicorn:When I was little I thought Lady Amalthea was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I fully blame her for my eye and flowing hair fascination. Every character I made up had a mark of some sort on their forehead (...some still do). It also introduced me to other kinds of mythological beings most little girls have never heard of before, like harpies or manticore. Plus, it's got unicorns, Cristopher Lee, a talking cat with an eye patch and a drunken skeleton. What's not inspirational about that?

Batman the Animated Series: Episode 042: This was the episode where Catwoman gets genetically altered into a literal cat woman by some crazy scientist. This was long before I'd ever heard of the term anthropomorphic but my animal loving seven year old self was fascinated at the thought of a human changing like that. There was many a character modeled after Catwoman's transformed self. I'm still a fan of half cat characters to this day.

Setsuna 22: Is an artist here on DA
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