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There's a lot of lore with these guys I'll jot down here before I go to bed. Lore fart!

Sprites are upkeepers of a certain theme or element, and spread knowledge of said element/theme to budding species so they can use it to their advantage. The event of a sprite giving this knowledge is called Binding, as explained on a drawing of Jo once, and is lifelong. Being binded to a sprite means their thoughts are intertwined, and the sprite can read the binder's every thought and movement. The sprite as a result can feel the same emotions and motives as the binder, and can act as a second brain. A binded sprite has pupils. Binded sprites can not die, but however can be seperated from the binder, but being seperated too long can simply render them a non-binded sprite again.

Being binded to an elemental sprite means you can freely manipulate the element from what the sprite generates for you. Without the sprite, the binder would be unable to control the element. This ability is intended to benefit others, as opposed to the binder, and can not be used in unfair/untriggered intents of harm. A Territe helps you move and bend earth and land into shapes or pieces of rock and stone you can shift with physical force. A Zephrite helps you move air or gases around, either in light breezes or in harsh gusts enough to burn, with complete control on the temperature of the air. This can be used to mimic flight. A Pyrite helps you control fire or magma/lava, at varying temperatures at will. Aquites help you control water or vapour or liquid for similar reasons to air, and can make water freeze or melt at will.

Being binded to a secondary sprite means you can only manipulate the element that is around you, and the sprite does not generate any material for you. This is intended for benefit of the binder, as opposed to others. Florites can make you revive, instantly grow or kill any plants you wish, and can help you shape existing plants. Aurites are interesting, and are able to affect you or others both mentally and physically. They could give you a burst of an emotion they wish, or make it so you can interact or speak to Ethereal beings, however this is not controlled by the binder unless they become aware of their sprite, which is difficult due to the fact it is invisible to the normal view. Lumites can help the binder manipulate light in an area, either in beams, maximising it, changing the light's colour or removing it to make a dark room. Hexites are bliss to Alchemists, Witches and Hex Chemists, able to help the user conjure spells and curses on the spot, and not require supplies. They also provide the energy required to make a lot of potions work.

Sprites are non-sentient and emotionless, when not binded. They appear from the element they are based around, and are often eaten, killed, or captured. Species who have committed a damaging act, and haven't managed to make up for it by giving back enough (i.e. cutting down a forest but not replanting straight away, causing a war but not feeling guilt and trying to assist the other) are unable to bind to any sprites. Until the species as a whole has managed to give back for what they have done, they cannot and will not. Harpies in Salvador's era are unable to bind due to the 2nd Interspecies War, and Humans are unable to bind because they have not used the sprite's blessings and knowledge in early colonization, instead using damaging approaches to boosting their species.

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