Extendo Flex Picture

I think it's supposed to be a harpy...thing...maybe?

Thats what I was aiming for anyway. Please tell me what you think.

OH AND WOOT I went to Anime North, even though I am not a super duper Anime person, my friends are slowly dragging me into it I think, BUT there I found, and JTHM POSTER!!! BOO YA MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!! AND A Mr.Spooky squeaky doll, button things....and a VGCats shirt, they also had a Angel muppet puppet, from the episode "Smile Time" I swear one of the best EVEH! And they also had Spike, but they were 50 bucks, much to my dismay.Ebay here we come.

I ATE SUSHI California Rolls!! They were yummy, but I hvant made the leap to raw fish thing yet.....not yet.
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