Battle For Heaven Part 6 Picture

Medusa has taken the throne to Heaven for herself, now wishing to rule and manipulate all creation to her dark desires. Since Elsa had no wish to take the power for herself, she had no reason to fear the new evil Queen of Arendale. However, Medusa was cautious enough to know there were angels and demons more than willing to challenge her for the throne. What better way to put its former rulers to use by turning them into her new guardians? they were, they could not serve their new ruler well as mindless women. Medusa had decided to give them a boost in power transforming her two captives into the most vicious beasts in mythology, Madelyne a poisonous arachnid and Morrigan a bloodythirsty harpy....what more could anyone ask for?

As for Urd, Medusa saw no use to turn one of Heaven's angels into a guardian like the others. Restoring her to her normal form, Medusa holds Urd above the throne as a trophy of her victory, but also a warning to anyone in Heaven that no one would succeed to stand against her. Is there any hope left to bring Heaven's throne back to the light, or is creation itself now meant for the dark future Medusa wishes to bring forth?

Part 6 once again done by the awesome MCTEK, the artist that just keeps bringing ideas to life. I was dying to show this off in its sketch form, but I enjoy waiting until the work is finished and showing it off in its full glory. Im excited that I get a few people interested in this mini-adventure of mine and welcome any comments! Thank you everyone for your interest!
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