Eulalia the Siren Picture

Another myth OC, this is one of the first. Meet Eulalia- her name is Greek for "good speaker". (I take Greek so whenever I read her name I read it as "Eh-oo-la-li-a" but I don't think she minds if you pronounce it "Yoo-la-li-a", which ever you prefer. c: )

I imagine her to have a fairly self conscious personality. She's quite pretty but she (in her own opinion) has a voice like a California sea lion when she sings and is really embarrassed of it. She's quite self-deprecating that way and gives up quite easily without really trying. She also is really terrible at keeping secrets which is a bit troublesome when you are trying to lure sailors with promises of secret knowledge. She's the sort of person who will talk too much and too frantically in order to keep people from getting a word in- she feels she'll be criticized otherwise.

She also hangs out with a kind of suspicious crowd- harpies. Hey, she doesn't have hands- how do you think she got her toes painted?
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