Goddess of the Owl Picture

I'm studying Greek Mythology at my school right now, and I was just drawing this for no reason and thought 'Huh, I'll make her a goddess...' and of course it was the day after Valentine's Day, which is the best day ever! (don't ask me why) so, being AFTER Valentine's Day, I was completely obsessed with hearts... so if you notice her hair and clothes, hearts were what I was going for. But cooincidentally, I made her hair look like an owl's head, so I thought 'Hm, I'll make her the owl goddess...' and that's how it happened. I also made it so it can be like a background, the only problem is the height is just a tad too big, but it still works
BTW, the theme of the earrings and leaves is a split feather (not saying the leaves are feathers though) just a theme.

P.S.- you can call it a harpy if you want to...
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