fear the SNAKEY DOOOOOM Picture

I'm thinking: street fighting game mixed with mythology with a dash of rpg served in a steaming cup of Grand Theft Auto. This would be one of the main characters- Medusa, the gorgon with the snake-y hair and the glare of doom (maybe her special attack would be turning her opponent into stone and then hitting them until they break.) Of course, I'm not going to make the game, because I have better things to do then make it AND I still have some homework I need to work on (I'll finish it before it's due, I swear), and I think it would be stupid. Anywho, lets give this a CHARACTER PROFILE! (dun dun dun)

Name: Medusa
strength- ***_ _
agility- ****_
power- *****
will- ***_ _
intelligence- *****
Attacks: nose-breaking palm, punch, lower jab, knee'd in da groin, venomous snake bite (sp.), stone glare (sp.)
Good Weapons: brass knuckles, titanium knee pads, belt/piano wire, tank(s)
Weaknesses: hair conditioner, boot laces, cheese grater

(All the things under weapons and weaknesses would be weapons, the best ones would be the Rubber Chicken of Silliness and the Corn-syrup Babies [a throwing weapon that has the added bonus of the "clean up on aisle YOUR FACE!"] and the dreaded ZOMGPWNED!!! attack. [ only one person can use this, and she's all like "I gots me my bitches and my solid gold stretch limo and my grills and BITCH NO I didn't take yo' money Toba {which Toba won at the awards for not being able to explain things whatsoever awards}"] )

That would be the most AWESOME game ever. A-yup. It would be called something like, I dunno; Liar City: Land of the Fish. OR maybe "Doomed Fish: the Pursuit of Epic".
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