Diego the... Naga? Picture

The first in a series of drawings staring Mediego as he demonstrates the extent of his polymorphing powers. He can take nearly any "humanoid" form he chooses while gain all of their strengths and, regrettably, weaknesses.

There may be some debate as to whether you can ACTUALLY call Mediego a naga in this form. Greek mythology buffs may say he's a gorgon. Players of Dungeons and Dragons will call him a Yuan-ti Halfblood. I'm calling him a naga though for the sake of simplicity. This is what MOST people think of when they hear the word naga.

Mediego is likely to use this form during subterranean adventures. The long, thin body lets him quickly wriggle through narrow tunnels and passages. He gets embarrassed though when he's forced to use this body when it's time for snakes to shed their skins. ("Don't look at me! I'm Naked!")
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