Stheno Picture

This has been hanging around on my wall for a while, so I thought I'd submit it before I went on holiday.

It's the first of hopefully six individual portraits of my gorgons and furies, although I'm going to take it slowly.
This is Stheno, who I think is the middle gorgon in classical mythology, but I generally make her the youngest. While she is thousands of years old, she appears eternally 15 (approximately the age I was when I first started drawing her), and has the brain shape to match. She lives alone with her sister Euryale, although occasionally travels out into the world of men. She's the first one who's outfit I definately planned- she wears a blue crop-toppy thing with the Gorgoneion stenciled on it, when disguised, she wears a long leather skirt, huge leather coat that hides her wings, leather gloves, a leather beret, a bandanna and big sunglasses (dunno how she doesn't overheat). Yeah, I'm sad like that.
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