Meet the Tarasque Picture

After my "Gorgeous gorgons" entry, I decided to submit another one in a more caricatural style, and my choice this time was the Tarasque. But what is the Tarasque? It's a mythological creature from Southern France, with kind of unconventional looks: it resembles a dragon with a lion-ish head, a body covered with a turtle shell, and a tail ending in a scorpion sting. The Tarasque was much feared throughout the area of Provence, until it was tamed by Saint Martha, who led it back to the town of Neluc. There, the villagers killed it out of fear, but afterwards, sorry for what they had done, they renamed the town "Tarascon".
So, here is the Tarasque on T-shirt! To give it a French touch, I depicted it eating stinky cheese and drinking wine. Please vote for me if you like the idea!
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