Fantrolls Updated Picture

Dantel Artmer> Pluto [Blood Color: 255 255 255 #FFFFFF. Typing color: 132 0 132 #840084]

Gorgon Skilex > Pallas [Blood color: 79 0 59 #4f003b. Cover up color: 225 128 0 #FF8000. ] Matesprit/Kismesis with Infas[(c) maroonracoon]

Siyren Lemtel > Mercury [Blood Color: 255 201 14 #FFC90E]

Ulrich Archer > Uranus [Blood Color: 0 255 0 #00FF00]

Zephan Farrel > Neptune [Blood Color: 0 255 255 #00FFFF]

Aurora Manrak > Vesta [Blood Color: 103 1 228 #6701E4]

Notes about the sign traits:

Vesta has Virgo and Scorpio
and Neptune has Pisces.


Your name is DANTEL ARTMER, you are a rare ALBINO in which you are unsure how you managed to survive being that you are practically illegal on Alternia. But you don't question it as you kind of like to lie that you aren't a white blood and simply saying white is your favorite color and that you are really a royal blood even though you don't think of yourself much of a royal.

You like MYTHOLOGY and FANTASY and take interests in the stories of gods people once believed or tales of how certain things are what they are regarding the fact that science had proven otherwise. Therefore you spend your days reading nothing but mythology and fantasy, being cooped up in your hive since you never stepped outside ever due to the fact that you are obviously abnormally pale.

Only reason people believe you are a purple blood is because you only chat in such color on the computer, you've never met anyone in person ever. Your lusus is a Giant Eel that spends his time trolling the larger lusii and chasing the smaller ones around making them think he'll eat them.

Your trolltag is shaggyGourmet and you are “RA+HER 5KEP+14L W1+H YOUUR TYP1NNG”


Your name is GORGON SKILEX and you are a dark purple blood, not to mention your favorite color is ORANGE so you lie saying you are a RARE ORANGE BLOODED SEA DWELLER because hey its not like people can prove you wrong.

You find that SWORDS and shit are fucking cool and you seem to have a collection of weaponry in your hive that seems rather foreign and nice looking. But they are all not fake, some being kind of shitty but nonetheless they are all pretty real and can cut really good. You are currently in a LOVE AND HATE relationship with a guy named INFAS ZAHHAK, in which you feel RED for the guy most of the time but sometimes you feel BLACK for him but it doesn't matter since technically he fills two of your quadrants and you are fine with that.

Not to mention that you find Infas' “sister” a huge fucking bitch but hey that's one of the many things you both can agree on. You have no lusus because he kind of died a few sweeps ago trying to save you from being killed and eaten by a predatory lusus. So you took care of yourself since your guardian is well.. dead.

Your trolltag is turntechAlchemist and you like “to call bullshit if something is not relevant of your interests.”


Your name is AURORA MANRAK and you are a violet blooded coldhearted BITCH in which you even make her ROYAL IMPERIOUS CONDESCE seem like a gentle dirtblood in comparison to your infamous attitude. Lets not forget the fact that you share a hive with a rather irritating BLUE BLOOD in which you call your “brother” since you two shared that hive ever since, but still it is better than making people think you both has some sort of quadrant relationship going on. You believe you both have a moirialegence, even though it's rather a pathetic one.

You enjoy CULINARY ARTS and minor FASHION DESIGN, making your side of the hive more decorative and fashionable. You also argue with your ROOM MATE over silly things that you find serious to you such as who is going to cook dinner or the fact that your roomate's half of the hive is a complete fashion disaster and his clothing choices are a disaster. Your LUSUS is a tanuki, which is a raccoon dog thing. Your HIVEMATE, though, is named INFAS ZAHHAK of which you fight with almost daily or your lusus harasses hourly.

Your trolltag is corpseVampire and you “8| > L0ve teasing 0thers ab0ut their intelligence and levels 0f sass.”


Your name is SIYREN LEMTEL and you are a yellowish but not quite mutant blood that seems rather rugged and been through hell since you never straighten out your hair or anything.

SPORTS and HEALTH are your thing, so you like to play games outside your hive in a inhabited forest and take some jogs under the trees where the sun can't touch you since the sun is kind of rather deadly to trolls who aren't JADEBLOODED or a royal blood. Your Lusus is a SALAMANDER who is kind of lazy and a terrible father to you because he barely even took care of you when you were growing up. Though you feel pity towards him because he doesn't seem to know how to take care of a kid.

Your trolltag is icyParadox and you like to “talk ab0ut be1ng healthy and sh1t but s0me 0ther th1ngs that are c00l.”


Your name is ULRICH ARCHER and you are a MUTANT GREEN blood and you are obviously in hiding somewhere in the desert near a rainforest. Your LUSUS is an BISON and pretty much keeps people away from your hive unless you give the okay to let them through.

FANTASY and ADVENTURE is your game, your hive's walls plastered with posters of knights, dragons, and various medieval but magical things. Your gaming area has a collection of adventure, fantasy, or RPG games that you enjoy playing on your free time. You even have a subscription of GEEK GAMERS guide that updates you of any games that seem relevant of your interests. God you are downright geek, but you don't even care. It's all in good fun.

Your trolltag is antiqueTraveller and you speak in “rEVERSE C4PS 4L0NG W1TH NUMBERS REPL4C1NG CERT41N LETTERS.”


Your name is ZEPHAN FERREL and you are a CYAN BLOOD and blind because you lost your sight during a fight with a dangerous LUSUS. Or well.. You tried to avenge the death of your lusus but kind of sort of failed.

You can see using psionic powers, though your powers are not very powerful but useful since you've been working on them. Your Lusus was murdered by another lusus, the kind of lusus that is rather deadly and you have tried to kill so many times. Oh you hate that bitch that murdered the only family you had. But nonetheless, you managed on your own even if it was barely. You have interests in MAGIC BASED things like mages or warlocks and you tend to study psychics or people who dabble in psionics like yourself for comparison since you are still in training.

Your trolltag is blindDreamer and you are “pur3ly und3r(4s3d w1th numb3rs 4nd p4r3nth3s3s r3pl4c1ng l3tt3rs.”

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