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awhyeah I'm bringing her back, 'cause I love her. her halloween form is in the shadow in the back.

Name: Lexi (nobody name) & Leanna Bloodworth (somebody name. she can go for both)
Nickname(s): Lea
Preferred name: Leanna, Lexi by friends.
Date Of Birth: 28. april
Zodiac: Taurus
Element: Matter Ingestion. She can consume and digest any substance without injury.
Lea can eat anything without harmful effects regardless of what she consumes. she has gotten addicted to the taste of human flesh over the years, will fight close combat and try to eat her victims.
Weaknesses: range combat fighters. if too much time passes without her eating, she will be quite low on energy.
Equipment/Weapons: Hammers connected with chains. uses the hammer to hit her enemies with great force, if they try to get away she will hit one hammer after them, drag them close with the chain. the chain can often get in the way if you're not trained with it.
she uses the hammer instead of something sharp because a cut would lead to blood, and blood would distract her. Better to crush you then eat later.
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 164,5 cm
Home World: Halloween Town.
Species: Nobody
Love Status: Single
Orientation: Asexual.
strong and silent. Until you really get to know a her you will probably not see her true self. She is a very stubborn individual and once her mind is made up, swaying her even a little is next to impossible. Take heed though because if you anger her, it is likely that you might find a violent temper. However, her tempers generally will not flare until she is pushed.
She makes a wonderful friend, and whenever you need her, she will certainly be some of the first ones there. Don't count on a her ever calling on you to return the favor. She is very in tune with her emotions and rarely display them. She is loyal and will stand beside a friend until the bitter end.

Positives: dependable, loyal, reliable, and also being strong both physically and emotionally.
Negatives: Stubbornness, aggressiveness, cannibalism and a dislike when faced with change.

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