Bayou Boarding School: Sable Picture

Name: Sable Xylia Komnini
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Weight: 149
Height: 5'4
Species: Gorgon
Role: Student
Special Item: Magical gloves that covers her claws and helps her archery skills.
Native Language: Greek

Personality: You can't really sum up Sable's personality into one. but it would have to be curious, mischievous, adventurous, tomboyish, and kindhearted with the right people. Quite picky about things I'm afraid.

Quirks: she's very overly curious that can get her into trouble. She's mischievous. Adventures, A daredevil, and her habit is gnawing on things preferably marble esque things.

Hobbies: Adventuring, Figuring out things both great and small. Knowledgeable games, Testing your mind games ,Singing and Archery.

Family: One father, a mother who bailed when she was quite young and seventy-five younger brothers and sisters.

Talents: Swimming, Archery, Solving brain teasers, Solving things in general, Adventuring, Ability to think quickly on her toes, Manipulating surroundings and altering things.

Strengths: She's quite fearless and yes we know adventurous. Not caring about danger before her and can solve many problems which she finds quite fun.

Weakness: Getting a wee bit to curious sometimes, disregard for other peoples land/ect, she's quite picky about certain things. not really in control of her power which is why her father has a jewel on her third eye. as a limiter.

Goal: Always keep learning new things with adventuring and other things. Learn to better control her powers.

Background: Her mother left them at an early age, which is..quite odd? Deadbeat mom? Leaving there father and her seventy-five brothers and sisters. When the oldest ones moved on with there lives they of course didn't have time to babysit. while she has thirty older siblings she's the youngest to the babies. so, when her older siblings left on there own journeys she took care of her younger brothers and sisters while their father went away to work.

Seeing as how, his daughter has given up most things in life. he's been planning to send her to school and has been saving money ever since with finally enough money to send her to Bayou Boarding School.
Knowing that this will be a great experience for her to finally let go and live, He'll probably grab his other daughters and sons to watch the little ones.

She doesn't have any ill-will towards her father, she loves her father and little brothers and sisters dearly and is blessed for this opportunity, even though it seems "late" for her to venture out into the world.

Even though she's new to the world, that doesn't mean she's like going to follow a suspicious guy into an alleyway. she has senses on things good or bad. but dealing with adventures she throws that all out the window because she's a daredevil.

Sidenote: Sable hates wearing shoes with a dieing passion, If she has to wear shoes she'll probably keep them on for six seconds then toss them somewhere.

Oh, You know in greek mythology where when they put the mirror infront of Medusa she stoned herself. yeah. It won't happen to Sable, cause her eye can be shielded and unshielded and plus, that's lame for her to suffer at that cheap trick so find another way to get her guys.

((You can tell I spent a lot of time on her. I like..yeah. I love Sable<3 with her silly getting into trouble self. First ever group I entered! It was just to KEWL not to. ))

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