Amphora The A.Fire Draktul Picture

Name: Amphora
Type: Draktul
Specie: Gorgon
Elementa: Fire
Years: 15 decades
Weapon: Slyohr
Lives: Olympia (underground)
Weakness: Unknown
Title: Ancient Fire Draktul
Likes: Peace, Sleep, Dream, Burning, Wars
Dislikes: Churchs, Daemon, Ice, Be awake

From the ancient ages of greece, the war was always presented as a form of peace...and from that strange ideas it was Amphora creating the famous and deadly fire which represented the same greeks in battle. The Ancient Napalm.

But wars started to cease, and this disgusted a lot Amphora who always was summoned to fight against the other side or the rivals. Besides with no wars, Amphora could accomplished his eternal dream...
He is living, or more specific, sleeping under Olympia below one subterrean cavern, almost reaching the same magma...some adventurers went there and paid hardly to awake the gorgon from his sleep.

Amphora also has a terrible hate with Hydria the Tartaros Draktul...Amphora is the greatuncle of Xalvino.
His weapon (Slyohr) belongs to an egipcian explorer who died in his flames, then forged it to transform in a deadly one.

Amphora, Hydria, Slyohr, Xalvino belongs to me
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