The Furies Picture

Due to lots of dicussion going on in KAS via a note chain about the Furies and the direction they are going, I suddenly felt the urge this Valentine's morning to draw these female icons of vengeance from Greek Mythology. A much more fitting topic for all this saccharine expectation party we're all having today wouldn't you say?

Anyway, I'll go over each one individually to sorta explain what the hell is going on here.

Alecto: First off, further research indicates that while the Furies surely tormented assholes, kin slayers and rapists due to their origins of being born from severed god scrotum, they did so with pure FEAR and MADNESS. They had such a destructive effect on the psyche that they didn't need to get physical and thus were a literal curse that protected family values. So the overall direction I'm going here is more of a 'lure you in, learn you inside and out, then terrify the fuck out of you till you go crazy or die of a heart attack'. They'd only get physical if absolutely necessary as that would leave EVIDENCE. So anyway, one of the major ideas going on in our group is that their are three primary types of Fury, going with the snake hair, wolf head and winged aspects and using that as an origin for several of creepy crawlies and popular horror monsters. In Alecto's case, that cryptid is the Mothman. Now the Mothman is some bizzare mix of alien, moth and owl. I went the owl route as that explains the wings and since the group agreed that avians were what we wanted and we wanted to explain the Mothman angle, my version is owl over vulture. 'Alectos' are the tallest of the three and take the form we know of as Mothman. They are as their name suggests 'implacable' in that they always know the worst possible outcome to come and will appear to warn others and deter them from becoming a part of the problem. The white bangs become the iconic antennae when they take their true form. An Alecto sometimes brings about these calamities as a way of infliciting what it believes to be fitting punishment. Though, their idea of 'fitting' is so alien and long term that to the layman it is utterly extreme when it is brought to a massive scale. They are the planners and guides of any trio of Furies.

Megaera: The Megaera is the source of lycanthropy in KAS so I went ahead and took that to it's natural conclusion here. In human form they often have the tell tale signs of it such as hair on the second digit, a unified brow, sharp canines, pointed ears, flared nostrils and their palms form a natural pentagram. Megaera's have 'the grudge' which allows them to track bitter emotions like envy, jealousy, and boiling hatred. Naturally being exposed to these emotions all the time quickly makes the Megaera angry as hell and sometimes rather then pushing the cause of their foul mood into venting or eventually destroying themselves, Megaeras make certain individuals 'disappear'. They rarely do this however and thus many reports of lyncanthropy and utter psychosis are due to the victim simply going nuts rather then the Megaera taking direct action. Thus they remain hidden and elusive in today's society, culling the more troublesome elements of humanity just as they always have. They are often the muscle and primary guardian of a group of Furies.

Tisiphone: These childish and rather selfish creatures are very rare in some parts of the world and common in others. They have one primary purpose and that is to avenge the murder among families. Parricide, Fratricide, and Homicide draw this type of Fury like moths to a flame. Unlike the other types of Furies who have agendas of both idealogical and personal nature, Tisiphones go about their hunt with no further goal then self gratification. Their prey of choice just happens to be murderers. Tisiphone take on a grotestquely serpentine form, that is neither entirely human nor entirely snake and their 'hair' becomes a sort of tail that is always splitting and reforming into dozens of smaller serpents, a trait they somewhat share with Gorgons. Tisiphones have the least amount of restraint but still perfer to drive their prey toward's engineering their own demise. Stories of Reptiods/Reptilians are sightings of Tisiphones and their 'experimentation' with humans. It's through this subterrianian network that Tisiphones find 'hot spots' of murderous activity and they don't like it when foolish 'monkeys' poke around where they aren't supposed to. Because Tisiphones go about their business seemingly on a whim, they must be freqeuntly convinced by an Alecto or brow beaten by a Megaera so that they stay in a group. Having a Tisiphone is essential for a group's success despite the burden of appeasing it as their knack for infiltrating and charming their way into places they can 'play' is invaluable. What would look like a bubbly ditz could very well be a Tisiphone getting information and selecting a target with no one being the wiser.

Lol sorry guys, the ninja doggy approach wasn't working for me...just couldn't go through with it lol. Their 'odd' traits in human form are unnerving but subtle and in the Tisiphone much harder to spot. In A Tisiphone's case instead the face morphing and squishing I figure they literally shed the disguise off. A big bundle of human clothing and gradually crumbling skin.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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