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Yes, I was really bored and I am kind of out of inspiration u3u, god I feel ashamed.

Anyways, remember that I borrowed Rune, right? She's the bitch that it's going to be with him. However, she was not created solely for him, she was in my mind before this whole mumbo-jumbo XD

Terrestrial Guardian Star, Argos Natasza (Euryale) is 20 years old in here (Outside of the claim thingy, she's 42) and was born in Poland. She had to work two jobs as a typist when she was normal, so she had no life whatsoever.

She's one of the Gorgons (Specters which are characterized by three things: they're heavy and ugly surplice resembling a giant or any mythology; their bad temper and their creepy abilities in battle), resembling Euryale.

In contrast to Sthenos and Medusa, Natasza is the calmest of the Gorgons, she's very serious and doesn't take jokes, noises and mess very kindly. Like Euryale, she's maternal on her own terms, usually nagging Sthenos and Medusa or even go to the point of physically punish them to teach them a lesson, but deep inside she cherish them, making the only Specter group that actually cooperate with each other voluntarily.

But since she doesn't have a job in the underworld (like being a guardian or even be a soldier and a Gorgon it's not a position, it's a mission team name XD), she's Rune and Minos' sort of typist in the courthouse (Yes, she have the unlucky job of recording every single damn word everyone says in court) and she usually tries to act like a lady and be patient with Minos' absurd joking and Rune's temper.

Her abilities are top secret confidential matter! XD

<< And no, her Surplice it's a pain in the ass, so she's left with her casual clothing when she was normal.

u3u Hope you like her, if she sounds Mary Sue, just kick my ass.

PS: Yes, I create too many female characters
PS2: I might do the Swimsuit activity, but Naty it's too serious for wearing a two-piece bikini XD
PS3: I hate her hair like you have no idea XD.

Argos Natasza © *Antheilame
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