CX2 - Demon Trinity Picture

Century X2 - The Demon Trinity

The Demon Trinity was a a group of three fierce, blood-thirsty (Outer) entities, Cthulhu and Idhya'a's spawn, worshipped as deities in the lost continent of Mu. As the "forgotten land" sank somewhere in the Pacific, so did their wicked cult and their macabre idols sealed beneath the oceanic floor. Many similarities with Hesiod's "Theogony" and ancient Greek Titanomachy's leitmotiv are evident and common to several Indoeuropean and non Indoeuropean civilizations.
Two of these three "Demon-Gods" have been freed by summoning of a Cthulhu worshippers' sect: Ythogtha and Zoth-Ommog. Cthylla replaced the firstborn in the pagan Trinity. Brief (not-so-brief) description:

Ghatanothoa (not featuring here)

Said to be the firstborn of Cthulhu, Ghatanothoa is fabled to have such a horrid appearance to cause a viewer's skin to become rock-hard as the Gorgons did in Classical Greek mythology. He was considered the main deity in Mu lost continent's pantheon and the most feared, until the destruction of Mu entombed him and his fearsome cult. Ghatanothoa's fall incited Cthulhu to re-establish the Demon Trinity mating with Idhya'a which bore him a daughter, Cthylla. Nonetheless either she or his brothers are willing to free Ghatanothoa from his remote deungeon, because they mean to actively exploit Human resource rather simply subdue it.

Cthylla (the six-eyed lady)

Cthylla is the only female child of Cthulhu and Idhya'a, of which both are extremely proud. Cthylla's true form is that of an octopoid flying being with six eyes with extremely malevolent glare. As summoned by an occult sect of Cthulhu's worshippers she has taken the body of a sinuous lady with long dark green hairlock and four, red eyes on a corpse-pale porcelain face (plus an additional pair of rudimental eyes on her cheeks).
Cold calculator with dominatrix attitude and sadistic tastes, she is a fearful ESPer, able to browse her victims' minds, explore them their darkest depths and free their most wicked thoughts. Her siblings envy her skills but do not dare contrast her, because she is more terrific than the Devil.
Cthylla replaces Ghatanothoa in the Demon Trinity and plays the most important role in the project of Cthulhu's ultimate awakening.

Ythogtha, "Mr. Y.T" or "Shaurash-Ho" (The cylops-one)

Ythogtha is the second son of Cthulhu and resembles a gigantic, cyclops-like frog with a mop of squirming tentacles on his head. The Elder Gods imprisoned Ythogtha in the Abyss of Yhe where he was served by the Yuggs, the planarian folk. As Ythogtha has been freed from his "Tartarus", he has taken the form of a rich man named Warren Bryan Hughes or Mr. Y.T., owner of the Hughes Laboratories, a highly advanced bio-engineering factory, quite a futuristic "ooparts" in 1940. There abominable experiments are carried on living victims (mostly Humans), implanting Yuggs spies in spinal fluids, acting as telepathic remote control. After all "Hughes" is a cynical pun hinting there are the hideous Yuggs behind such creepy project.

Zoth-Ommog, "Zoth"

(The punk one)

Zoth-Ommog is the third son of Cthulhu and his true form is that of a cone-shaped body marine creeper with four broad starfish-like arms with suckers. As his brother Ythogtha, Zoth-Ommog was imprisoned by the Elder Gods beneath the Ponape seabed, near R'lyeh, and even there so has he been served for long time by the planarian folk.
As Ythogtha has been freed, so had his brother which chose to take the form of a youngster with rooster-like mohawk and four arms, each one with grotesque toothed orifices in the middle of the palm.
Simply named Zoth, he works together his brother Ythogtha in development of Hughes Project. Nonetheless he is not as devilishly clever as his siblings, indeed he is exploiting the abominable results of Hughes Project for his personal purpose: to seek (and enslave) the ideal mate of his. He is devotely served by Turbella, the daughter of Ubb (the Lord of Yuggs) which has taken the body of an American girl and loves him in excessive way (more about this character details soon).

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