Medusa Picture

One of my pieces for my concentration in AP Studio Art. I focused on greek myths for the concentration, and it was really fun to explain the story behind the piece each time. That, and I believe telling the story distracted my teacher from how bad the pieces were. So, mission successful.

Basic Info:
Myth: Perseus and Medusa
Medium: Ink
Time: ~4 hours

So, abridged version of the myth. Perseus's soon to be father in law wants him dead, and so asks for an almost unattainable wedding present from him. He asks for one of the heads of the gorgon sisters. Perseus sets out on his quest and finds the gorgons, knowing that he will have to go after Medusa since she is the only mortal one. Using a mirror like shield given to him by the gods, he is able to see Medusa without actually looking at her, and so is not turned to stone. He kills the monster, returns home and kills his father in law with the slain head.
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