Oriah Picture

Name: Oriah
Race: Gorgon
Height: 6’2
Weight: Now that’s not a nice thing to ask a lady
Skin: Jade green
Eyes: Charcoal black
Hair: none
Snakes: forest green

Bio: Say hello to the daughter of Peruses and Medusa. Yes I know, he chopped off Medusa’s head and all. Ignore that will you. As it turns out, Medusa was so taken with the dear Peruses she halted her vision and spent quite a few pleasant months with the hero in her island home. But it was not to last. Peruses friends came seeking him and slew his lover by accident, so terrified of her visage they didn’t stop. Even when Peruses began to weep at her death. It was not till the night, when Medusa’s sisters returned that her body pushed out the egg containing Oriah.

But do not fear this strange child. True, like Scarlyet she is a half breed, but no where near as blood thirsty. Thanks to her fathers blood, her eyes to not condemn a man to eternity in stone. She can paralyze you or use hypnosis to make you obey. Oriah can speak to snakes quiet fluently, though she does have an easier time understanding constrictors as oppose to poisonous reptiles. As oppose to her two aunts (who are carnivores but not human eaters) Oriah is completely vegetarian. The sight of blood or raw meat makes her sick to her stomach. This is part of the reason she looks so frail and delicate, where most Gorgons are full busted and well hipped.

Oriah is something of a girly girl. She loves clothing and boys, flirting to her hearts content in the local market where they have grown used to her presence. She vivacious, fun loving personality shines through in a crowd and many young human girls are jealous of the attention she receives. She wants to travel, but has been warned that Gorgon or not, this is a dangerous land and a woman should not go off on her own.
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