Deadly Sins- ENVY Picture

Three of seven from my final art project this year.

"Try to improve your current style and incorporate things you learned this year.
Create at least five characters, which are linked together in some way, that you will present to the class. One of them must be a breed of creature that is of your own creation, the others may be beings that already exist. Include a stylistic linkage that will make your pieces unique.
Every picture must be in (almost) full color and must be done in Letraset, Prismacolor or Copic marker.
This project will be worth 50% of your final grade.

Any extra illustrations will be counted as bonus for either this project or one of the past."

I decided to make 7 characters, every one of a different species, representing one of the seven deadly sins.
Envy was the third I did. She was a lot of fun to do and I was totally inspired by Disney's Hercules (to make a character related to Greek mythology, that is).
Her name's Amphora and she's a Gorgon. The little red dots on her are supposed to be bites from her snakes.
She's envious of all the other gorgon because their snakes don't bite them. Hers just happen to have a more potent poison than the rest, she just doesn't know it.

Amphora (c) ~oliveribbon

Done in marker
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