Fafnir The Witch Picture

Hey ho!

Here's my next OC: Fafnir!

Fafnir's a witch...as u can see. theeeeheeee...^^°
She's the mother of Arachne, Medusa and Shauna Gorgon and one of the Eto-Witches.
Obviously, Crona is her grandchild.
Fafnir looks very similar to her daughter Medusa. So does her theme, which are dragons. (Apparently)
She's about 2,000 years old... I think.

First, I called her Ryuu, but then I wanted a more mythological name, so I named her after the dragon of the Nibelung (Nibelungensage in German). I don't know if this dragon was fe- or male. Honestly, I don't care. XD

I don't know, what I should write in here more... If there are any questions 'bout her, please ask me and I'll edit this description answering ur questions. ^o^\/
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