Amazon Roughs Picture

Female or XXY-chromosome tactical myoborg chassis akin to ([link]). These gals are dedicated "archer" models, obviously playing on the idea of the Amazons being "asymmetrical" through the sacrifice of one of their breasts to better facilitate use of the bow. I always thought that was a pretty cool symbol of dedication to combat, or to a martial lifestyle. Note that one of the arms is specialized into a string-drawing lever. I was thinking they can generate huge projectile velocities simply through the combination of muscle power, tendon/ligament tension, and leverage--approaching those of hypervelocity weapons (gauss rifles or electrothermal-chemical artillery, if not rail- and coil guns). In the absence of artificial projectiles fabricated to mission specs, "arrows" would presumably be fashioned from native materials (wood, bone, ivory, scrap metal/plastic, etc). The string-drawing arm might also have adaptations for the fashioning of such impromptu "ammunition."

I have a lot of other variants in mind--a "Gorgon" or "Naga" version, for example, with a flared cobra or hooded-mantis-style dorsal shield to support those massive bowing muscles. There's a LOT more I'd like to do with the design of the "bow" itself, and the manner of its integration to the body. These look like simple recurve bows for the most part, but I think exploring the idea of biological compound bows would also open up a lot of intriguing design possibilities.

The captions indicate model designations rather than proper names, BTW. I guess with a little tweaking these could also be seen as unconventional representations of their namesake mythological deities, but that's not what I originally had in mind.

Will scrap soon--I just liked the concept and wanted to give it some exposure, hopefully generate discussion!
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