Efialtis application for Nightmare Wonderland Picture

Species:a Gorgon
Personality:Shes always giggly, so its hard to take her searusly. also she a little crazy... In whole honesty, most people don't bother asking how does she feel, so she doesn't bother asking.
Abilities/Powers:Can turn to stone if you look at her eyes
History: Since Zoe was a little girl, she loved greek mythology. she had shelves of books about them, but mostly she loved gorgons. When the chaos disendeed, her father(a scientist) did some experiments for bigger chanse of survival on her, like medically attaching chains to her arms and making eye operations until she was pretty much bling(but the experiment was a success, now she could paralyse people who seen her eyes). After that she ran away and hide in the mountains training her physical and physical powers and started to manipulate the powers to turn those who looked into her eyes to stone. Also she trained to battle so she would surpass their enemies. She also keeps her bangs long, so she could challenge herself in fighting.

Likes:Myths, sweets, cats and cheesecake!
Dislikes:Snakes, snakes and....snakes. oh, and rasins
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