Mesophidoborgs Picture

A couple more of those maddeningly ambiguous Mesoamerican transgenic/nanorganic bioborgs-gone-bad (see BOTTOM under [link]).

LEFT - Another relict interdiction test frame, combat designation "Yig" (U.S.) or "Gorgon" (E.U.). This specimen may be an nth-generation self-replicated descendant of original production hardware with only minimal residual nanotech left for the fabrication of inorganic machine components, or an unfortunate result of viral Hox gene transmission to native aboriginal human or quasi-human populations. Either way, you end up with a bad-ass scary "snake man" living out in the jungle, making life miserable for the natives. (Ben, this one could be another good example of a "mythological" feral bioborg!)

RIGHT - Not so much a bioborg as a self-replicating autonomous organism engineered for the selective harrassment of hapless extrasolar natives who, caught between warring factions, have tragically chosen the "wrong" side. Containing a healthy admixture of spider monkey and bushmaster DNA, this venomous little organism (NATO designation Lachesis) is superbly adapted to survive in the rainforest AND chemically programmed to attack guerrilla dissidents on long-range patrol. Judging from the camera-like eyes and the laser ranging apertures near the optical suite, this construct also likely contains some onboard self-assembling nanotech components that would be transmitted with its genome to potential offspring, creating a pernicious and longstanding problem for local communities long after the cessation of overt hostilities.

Will Scrap before resource depletion and the Climate Crisis of 2078 precipitate the Great Extrasolar Diaspora.
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