KAS Pegasus Design Picture

I know I'll reach a majority of people that need to see it in my scraps so I'm posting it here. I took quite a different direction that what may be expected for the design of the creature so I'm testing the waters so to speak.

Basically my idea for the Pegasus/Bellerophon story is that Pegasus was once a wild and fiercely independent kaiju that had a penchant for eating Gorgons; it was extremely territorial. It belonged to neither empire and was one of the rare natural kaiju during that time period. After it's capture by Bellerophon in the name of Hyperborea, it would become a Artificial Organic vessel (primitive cyborg) for Bellerophon as the areal Hero Unit. For Bellerophon I'm basically merging the two concept sketches into one entity.

This design is basically trying to make Pegasus as monstrous as possible, combining a more even mix of bird and horse with some prehistoric ancesotry via the toed hooves which are are also talons. I'd tried doing noble...the design didn't want to be noble. So it became predatory and manic instead.

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