Story Time With Grandpa Rome Picture

NOOOOoooooo! I have fallen to the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom! You know what the worse part it? I was a rabid fan since they started translating the original web comic. =_=;


Well, now you know. Anyway, I've been raised on world mythology. I especially loved Greek and Roman mythology. Mother goose stories? Nooo~ I wanna hear about the gorgons, titans and the great heroes of the Roman empire! And while you're at it, can we read Sinbad, please? lol!
Not much here. Just good ol' gramps reading Feliciano (North Italy) and Romano (South Italy) a few good scary stories before bed time. That idiot... he should know NEVER to read scary stories before bed time! The boys are sensitive to those things! lol! Hope you like it.
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