E-AD Kid Kamandi Medusa II Picture

Lyta Phorcy, A.K.A. MEDUSA II!

Unlike the others, Lyta is actually NOT a Animorph mutant, but, rather, is actually a livin' breathin' Grecian descendant of the ACTUAL classical Ancient Greek mythological terrifying Gorgon sisters of 3, (Medusa HERSELF was among these snaky haired feme fatales with their deadly stare of death. Heh). Yet, it had to take the Great Disaster’s fallout ITSELF to occur before she was meant to evolve into her true form, that of a ACTUAL Gorgon HERSELF! Lyta is extremely VERY lucky (unlike Medusa and her 2 other siss) for she is actually able to CONTROL her stone inducing stare ability and she in turn only uses it to in having no other alternative in order to save someones life. But WHEN she DOES use it she turns anyone at that particular time in question by her own free will to a stone statue! Because of this realization, she has always been sure to count her blessings for NOT in turn having to be like her namesake's predecessors who you had to merely LOOK at in order to be petrified that very sec to a stony like statue. Lyta in turn has adopted the mantle of her most famous ancestor of the 3 Gorgon sisters, Medusa!
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