Medusa Picture

Full view please!

My version of 'Medusa', a Gorgon in Greek mythology.

I grew up with an absolutely beautifully illustrated storybook called, "Voyage of the Basset." One of the characters in the story was a Medusa not like the monster told about in mythology but a much more human, beautiful character who could not look upon a living thing without turning it into stone.
So, being very used to this version of Medusa, I decided to do that interpretation of the Gorgon in the Medusa I created. She's a sort of person who loves all things beautiful and living, yet is cursed with the uncontrollable curse that turns all living things into stone.

Nearly everything shown in the picture has some sort of meaning to it. There's an important reason why there is a bird on her shoulder, and why both have their eyes closed and facing away from each other. I'll let you guys interpret it in your own way, though.

Done in mechanical pencil.
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