Zantarni - Meldrum Picture

This is a contest entry for a site that I just got into. It's pretty exciting because they're letting us design a would be NPC for the site. I really hope that my character is taken into consideration. <3 I worked my butt off on this one. It might not look it but, daaaaang, it was hard getting just the right lines and colors down. I think she looks way awesome though. So that's all that matters. Below is a bit of information about her.

Name: Meldrum
Age: Immortal, looks early 20's
Race: Gorgon
Class: Magician
Occupation: Magic teacher and helper of the lost, dazed and confused.
Story: Meldrum is not your average or typical Gorgon. She rather enjoys being around humans rather than hiding away and will talk your ear off if you let her. Luckily for any passing human or beast, she rarely ever uses her ability of turning living things into stone. She’d much rather give direction and guidance in all things site related and magical. Her main companions are her hair.

"Oh my, it seems you have become lost in Zantarni’s vast woods. Let me guide you to a new destination. These woods are just littered with unsavory beasts which could be lurking behind any tree, bush or rock."

Like most Gorgons, her hair is made up of snakes. She considers it to be rather fashionable. Ironically enough, each snake can talk and give it’s opinion on a matter. She never feels lonely for company, because her snake friends are always there…even if she doesn’t want them to be. For whatever reason, each snake has developed it’s own unique personality. Nemo, is quite normal if a bit shy. Jitters is just a nervous wreck and stutters when he talks. Disco is a lot like a hippie with a laid back personality “go with the flow” is a phrase he tends to use a lot. Grumble is just like his name sake. When he opens he mouth, it’s only to complain about something or someone. Caffeine is, well… a bit abnormal in his mannerisms, but an interesting snake to talk to, none the less. If you happen upon Meldrum, mind your P’s and Q’s and she’ll be more than happy to help you. You’ll even earn bonus points if you talk with her snake companions, since they’re fountains of information as well.
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