Find and Fulfill Your Destiny Picture

This drawing has a couple stories behind it...

For starts, this scene is from Clash of the Titans: an epic Greek story and also amazing movie.
When I was about 5 years old, my dad was watching Clash of the Titans. I walked in the room just as Perseus was entering Medusa's lair. I was immediately glued to the TV as I watched Perseus cleverly outwit this Titan...and my love of history began.

But what this drawing, this moment, represents for me is triumph over a very personal, difficult struggle that I have been dealing with the past three years. I have not only had to accept this situation, but face it head on despite my greatest fears. And I have triumphed. But like Perseus, my battle is not yet over.

I highly recommend to anyone reading the story of Clash of the Titans, and any Greek myths for that matter. You will be treated to some of mankind's greatest and most tragic story telling.
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