Come Hug Mommy Picture

and now for (for now, but don't worry, i'll go back to Weiji soon) something completely different!

...mmmh, looks like Soul Eater(aka the Lovechild of Tim Burton and Monty Python), let's see:
* crazy perspective? Check;
* i'm-gonna-rape-ya faces\i'll-flay-you-alive smiles? Check;
* improbable weapons and even more improbable weapon using? it's not dual, not triple, but frickin' quad wielding, so Check;
* Body Horror? Check;
* Tim Burton-ish nightmare fuel? Check as well, nightmare fuel-ish stuff is among the funniest to draw.

well, it features a not-so-cute-this-time Crona(yes, that some sort of kali xenomorph assassin is Crona) perfectly aware about how to deal with his\her\whatever mother, Medusa Gorgon, who took the form of...a literal Medusa Gorgon, evidently villains never learn that turning into a giant snake\dragon\whatever never helps(Evil Overlord List).
is he\she\whatever going to turn into a Kishin?
or did he\she\whatever choose the Light Side and collected 99 evil souls and now is going to turn Ragnarok into a Death Scythe?
...oh, i don't know.

you know, i was kinda disappointed of Medusa's death in the manga...ok, after 87 chapters making very clear what kind of heartless bitch and horrid, horrid mother(forget Stein, her tru wuv would be Fire Lord Ozai!) Medusa was, it was quite satisfying to see Crona snap and slash her into a bloody hamburger, but i think that a good fight would have been great before, plus Soul Eater is the second anime\manga(you know, japanese cartoon\comic) that inspired me into fanart.

i liked to play with Crona's design, i like the character, he\she\whatever is something like Edward Scissorhands (only slightly more mentally unstable), plus he\she\whatever and Ragnarok together are funny as hell, i like how he\she(...ok enough with this gag) is able to be cute, funny and nightmarish(not to mention the only hermaphrodite outside of hentai!).
for the redesign, i added some from Medusa(like mother, like child), like the hood with Ragnarok's eyes and the barefoot(oh yeah, this is something regarding Medusa Gorgon and lacking foot fetish), i added scars on his\her hands and feet to give the feeling of a combat sadomasochist(kinda fitting for someone whose blood IS the weapon), and the black-blood dragons with rape grins.
why should Crona have a Dragon motif? well
* after devouring the souls on the Nidhogg ship, Ragnarok takes the form of a frickin' dragon;
* Medusa has a snake motif;
* in norse myth(and in the poem of Beowulf) dragons are described as huge, winged fire-breathing snakes(well, Ragnarok doesn't breath fire, but the Screech Resonance fits the role), plus the word 'Wyrm' can mean 'worm', 'dragon' or 'snake';
* in christian myth dragons are meant as 'demon snakes from hell(and Ragnarok is a 'Demon Sword');
* so, the Dragon figure is 'child' of the Snake figure, and Crona is child of Medusa: Fridge Brilliance to the max!

hope ya like.

(ps: to me Crona is a hermaphrodite, he\she looks genderless because hormones neutralize each other, so he\she probably is the only one in anime\manga who is realistic)

EDIT: slightly photoshopped.

Soru Ita: Atsushi Ohkubo.
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