The Lonely Gorgon Picture

Day 20 of 30 days of painting. I'm returning to the same subject matter as yesterday, but from a different perspective. Once again we have the Gorgon Medusa, but this time we see her alone with no super-assassin Perseus to threaten her. So she just hangs out in her own personal sculpture park, so very alone. Why is there a fable about Midas' great sadness from his gold touch, but not about Medusa's similarly lonely existence?

In taking on this idea I knew I needed to convey human emotion through face and hands. This of course scared me. Fun cute monsters are one thing, depicting something real and human is something else entirely. Given that this is what I was worried about, I'm very happy with how this came out.

If I were to return to the subject, which I may do, I would definitely drop the helmet. I wanted him to be a greek warrior, and a greek helmet definitely can help that. But I missed out on an opportunity to render his last emotion, frozen in stone. Oh well, another time.

Acrylic (Daniel Smith) on gesso board, over a period of about three hours. I think the thicker acrylics did feel more comfortable over the smoother surface, although it wasn't quite to the middle ground of the Golden and DS acrylics that I'd like. I do like that the texture here is coming from brush strokes more than the raw canvas texture.
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