Monster Triptych Picture

Ach, the final image for the first month of ArtSlam. Different monsters from the "Gore" comic. Spider, horse, spider, weasel, spider...
Okay, in all seriousness:
On the left, Hyperborian monsters: ice weasels, frost spider, shadow elf and snow wyrm.
At right, "Not-Japan" monsters, Kuchisake-onna, Tenaga, jorogumo, basilisk and a giant octopus.
In the middle, from Old North: daughter of the spider mother, cynosephalid, kakkiainens, Nosphoros, gorgon, poem steed and a swamp elf.

It's pretty much 50% actual mythology and 50% complete BS.
Also this is probably the only image thus far what properly shows how short Gore is.
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