Gorgon the Zylonian Picture

Name: Gorgon

Species: Zylonian (Alien)

Occupation: Space Pirate

Powers: Living, Tendril Hair
that secretes Plasmic Goop

This is Gorgon, my OC villain from my Powerpuf Girls/Green Lantern Crossover (and, will mostly appear during the GREEN LANTERN portions of the story)

Gorgon is a Zylonian.
an Alien that possesses the naturally ability to use Hair as a weapon (Usually as Whip-like Tendrils)

Gorgon is a Space Pirate
who travels the galaxy, stealing treasure from other worlds.

his resemblance to SEDUSA of Townsville, Earth is "uncanny" (even Sedusa herself is surprised)

Gorgon is Ruthless and Vengful.
and, as crossed paths with the Green Lantern Corps countless times (as such, he has formed an alliance with the Yellow Lantern Corps to make his Space Crimes easier)

out of all the Lanterns, Gorgon hates ERIC SMITH the most
for preventing him from taking over Planet Zylon and saving it's Emperess, SERPENTINA.

Artist Note: I created Gorgon as a way "flesh-out" Sedusa's character, since I didn't get any backstory from "The Powerpuff Girls" series (plus, it fits in WELL for teh Sci-Fi aspect of Green Lantern)

"Zylon" is a pun off of the word "Salon"
despite it being a name for a type of Body Armor (of course, Gorgon HIMSELF wears Space-Age Body Armor, too)

The name "Gorgon" is of course
a reference to the type of creature that "Medusa" from mythology is....who was the inspiration for Sedusa.


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