Darkstalkers Embrace the Dark contest entry: Petra Picture

This was my first entry in the Darkstalkers: Embrace the Dark character design contest. I thought it'd be funny to see a supermodel gorgon, since legend tells us that the most famous of all, Medusa, was so horrible she could turn people into stone with just a glance at her. Here you hace the character description as sent to the contest:

Character Name: Petra

Monster Type: Gorgon

Fighting Style: Stat alteration (-def, stun, -speed...)

Physical Desc:

A young gorgon (20 years old), descendent of the infamous Medusa, but in contrast to the mythological greek monster, as beautiful as a woman that has snakes for hair can be. Her skin is light green, emerald eyes that she hides behind shades. Stylish in every way, even tries to make a hairstyle out of the snakes on her head by wearing them as a ponytail, for example. She wears a greek fashioned dress with snake motives.

Additional Info:

The gorgon kind endures since ancient times, living in a remote island somewhere on the Mediterranean sea, minding their own business and avoiding any contact with the rest of the world. But not Petra: this young girl seeks revenge on all men, as they have always treated her kind as hideous, ugly creatures. Concealing her real appearance, she travels the world as a top model, meeting one lover after another, transforming them into statues with her cold stare. But tired of weaklings, she now searches for a real challenge, and won’t stop until the most powerful man of this or any other world poses as a sculpture in her garden. But that can be a dangerous challenge, since the gorgon blood is a priceless magic weapon that lots of people are willing to obtain at any cost…

Petra’s fighting style relays on her snake- hair, able to poison anyone causing various status alterations in the opponent to her advantage. She counts with no long range attack, but her grapping range is bigger than that of other fighters. The Gorgon Stare, that turns anyone into a statue, is her most powerful attack, but requires to be close to the opponent.

Petra unlike my other design Ismael [link] didn't make it to the top entries, but hope you like it!
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