Petryifing Looks Picture

this are my Gorgon Pokemons (the gorgons were mythological monster with the shape of womens and snakes insteed of hair that turned anyone who see them to the eyes in stone)

238-Meduzard (medusa, the gorgon-hazard)
-Little Gorgon pokemon
-"Very joyful and happy, she seek for friends everywere, but his happyness is only equipared by his toxicity, if you want one, you must have a lot of antidote"

124-Gorgenom (Gorgon-Venom)
-Great gorgon pokemon
-"Very patiente and kind, she try to find friends, but his horrible look is like venom for the eyes"

Estas son mis pokemons Gorgonas (las gorgonas eran seres miyologicos de aspecto femenino y con serpientes por cabello, que volvian piedra a quienes las miraran a los ojos)

-pokemon Pequeña Gorgona
-"Muy alegre y feliz, busca amigos por doquier, pero lo unico equiparable a su alegria es su toxicidad, si quieres una, deberas tenenr mucho antidoto"

-pokemon Gran Gorgona
-"muy paciente y tierna, ella busca tener amigos, pero su aspecto es como Veneno par los ojos"
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