Gorgon Victim WIP Picture

A mythological illustration I began last summer depicting the skirmish between Perseus and Phineus, the former suitor of Andromeda. Phineus, hoping to lay claim to his betrothed, gathers a horde of warriors and storms the wedding party of Andromeda and Perseus. The latter reaches into the kibisis containing Medusa's severed head and exposes his adversary to her eyes, turning him immediately to stone.
I painted Phineus in the slow process of turning to stone, wrenched in pain as the channel travels toward his neck. He is dressed in Greek armour of the Trojan period, roughly 700 B.C. A composition planned intuitively, I did not consider how including the shield would have worked against the vertical movement of the pose.
Should I eliminate the shield and have the figure slowly disintigrating? As though he were crumbling? Your reviews would be much appreciated.
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